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Bringing food, education, medical  care & hope to the kids of Uganda! 


To give support for the small villages of Mbale Uganda where kids can be fed, go to school and receive medical attention when required. 
Once we are able to have our kids stay in school and reach a higher education level we can also implement ways to continue the support to them to assure that their goals are met. When you give a child a chance to a proper education and access to food each day that child will be able to do great things for their family and community!



We are currently in the stages of growth and expansion. Our goals remain similar to what we currently do but we are also now looking into the future to see what we can do next. With these plans we hope that we can see these small rural areas flourish to a point where our support isn't relied on.


To increase the percentage of girls attending school and passing classes. When we educate our girls we educate the mothers, wives and sisters of the community.


Give our children help throughout their school years to ensure success. Even seeing them into post secondary.
This can include our new sponsorship program where you can select a child while supporting them and watch them grow!


Establish any urgent needs in our communities from access to water to medical supply/care. Implementing projects to ensure a betterment of the need.  


Years from now we would love to have a safe home for orphans that haven't had the luxury of family or constant shelter. Where the education, food, clothing and basic needs will be covered for the children.

“To help a child is to help the community. Education, love & hope can grow a nation.”

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