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We have hand selected 6 children and 3 young adults that we believe will thrive from a personal sponsorship.

You can either completely sponsor a child OR donate a portion of what is needed. Another way you can sponsor is by doing it with a group of friends, family or co-workers where each person donates a portion to sponsor the child together.

Sponsoring can help them with  furthering their education, giving them basic needs  and for some help with medical care.


Things to know:

  • Each school year has 3 terms

  • Students from preschool on have to pay to go to school as well as for all their supplies and uniforms, this is where many families are not able to support their children going to school because of cost. This also ends up keeping the family & the community at a poverty level.

  • When you choose to sponsor you can ask for updates and information about their needs.

  • We will provide letters and videos from them to you!


Ryan's Bowl does many things but at times we don't have the funds to help these children who we feel deserve that extra care. By adding this to our list of what we do we can see to it that we can elevate their lives and add to their communities!

We thank you for your consideration & support!

Meet Maureen!

She is now in baby class (pre-school)

Age: 6 years old

School fee per term: 362,000 shillings

School Uniform: 150,000 shillings

Sanitary Supplies: 150,000 shillings

During holiday care: 150,000 shillings per holiday.

Totaling for the first term: 
812,000 shillings // $295 CAD

This is Maureen, Ryan’s Bowl found her when she was with living with her grandmother as her father is blind and unable to care for her. We moved her to stay with the sisters of Mary at their center.  Maureen was not properly cared for or given food when we found her in the first picture she was only 2 years old the second picture was shortly after! She needs our support to keep her in school and cover her day to day care expenses.

We at Ryan’s  Bowl also rescue children which are  neglected  or rejected  by the parents.

Meet Emma!

School fee per term: 360,000 shillings 

School needs per term:  250,000 shillings

Person needs per term: 250,000 shillings


Total per term:

860,000 shillings // $315 CAD

Total per year:

2,580,000 shillings // $945 CAD 

This is Emma - in Uganda Emma is used as a boys name.

He is a total orphan meaning he has no parents. We at Ryan’s Bowl have been helping him for fours years now and he has just finished has primary level (elementary). This year he is supposed to go to secondary (high school) but we need help with his school fees. 


Emma told us he wants to be a teacher.


He is now just staying at home with his grandmother who cannot help support him. Emma said that if he gets education he also wants to help out his sisters, brother and grandmother.

Meet Cyrus!

School fees per term:  350,000 shillings            

Person needs for the year: 700,000 shillings

School materials per term:  180,000 shillings    

Wheel chair and medication for the year: 2,000,000 shillings

Hostel per term: 280,000 shillings       

Upkeep per term 160,000 shillings               

Total for the year:

5,610,000 Shillings // $2,000 CAD

This  is Cyrus. He was born a happy and healthy baby but later at the age of 10 he fell sick which made him not be able to walk freely again. When we found him we was crawling because he had no cane or anything to support him up.

He is a clever boy and loves going to school! Sadly his father deserted him after seeing the state he was in crawling so he had to stay at home for a year without going to school. During that time he found ways to sell food or different things so he could pay for his own school fee's. When we met him and saw his inspiring drive we knew he deserved a chance! This year he passed the primary (elementary) exams with great marks but his father still doesn't want to support him or put him through secondary (high school) as he believes because of his legs it would be a waste.

He just needs people who believe in him to help with his medication, care and the opportunity to finish his education!

Meet Wusina
& Christ

School fee per term: 322,000 shillings 

School needs per term:  70,000 shillings

Person needs per term: 100,000 shillings 

Up keep during holidays per term:  200,000 shillings 


Total per term for ONE:

692,000 shillings // $255 CAD

Total for the year for ONE:

2,076.000 shillings // $755 CAD

This is  Wusina and Christ. They are TWINS!

At 8 years old they are in primary 3.

Sadly they were deserted by their mother who left them with their grandmother. Luckily with a roof over their head they are in a home but the grandmother is unable to  take care for or afford any of the twins needs in education, medication and personal things.

Meet Patience!

Age: 19 Years 

Course: Pharmacy 4 Years

Institution: Mulago Paramedical School of Health


Tuition Fee per term: 850,000 shillings

Hostel per term: 600,000 shillings

School Needs per term: 500,000 shillings

Personal Needs per term: 450,000 shillings


Total per term:

2,400,000 shillings // $870 CAD

Total per year: 

7,200,000 shillings // $2,610 CAD

Patience is the daughter of a Reverend who is also a teacher at one of the schools we are in supporting and feeding students. Because the monthly income is so low the option of sending children to post secondary schooling is very difficult. Especially if your child is advanced and is looking at becoming a pharmacist! 

Patience is very true to her name she is a great student and daughter. When she is not in school she is helping in the church or reading verses from the bible. 

Her goal is to become a pharmacist but the school fee's are too high for anyone in the family to support. 

Meet Joram!

Age: 21 Years

Course: Mechanical Engineering (Motor vehicle)
3 Years

Institution: Namisindwa Polytechincal Institute 

Tuition Fee per term: 350,000 shillings

Hostel fee per term: 320,000 shillings

School Needs per term: 500,000 shillings

Total per term:

1,170,000 shillings // $430 CAD

Total per year:

3,510,000 shillings //  $1,290 CAD

Joram is the older brother to Patience. 

Just like Patience he has excelled in school and at home he is always a helping hand. When he is not helping around the house you can find him with his sister at church helping with reading and anything that needs to get done. 

Again since the Reverend isn't able to afford such advanced schooling we are looking for help to send him to school to be a Mechanical Engineer!

Meet Silver!

Age: 22 Years

Course: Mechanical Engineering (Motor Vehicle)
3 Years

Institution: Mbale School for the Deaf Training Institute

Tuition Fee per term: 350,000 shillings

Hostel per term: 320,000 shillings

School Needs per term: 400,000 shillings

Total for the year:

1,070,000 shillings // $390 CAD

Silver is another bright young student with big aspirations. His mother is one of Ryan's Bowls very own cooks that makes food everyday for the kids we support in Nabumali Day School. 

This is another family who has the desire to do better but because of income can not further their children's education. The school that Silver will be attending is one that has recently opened up which also caters to those who are deaf. 

Meet Joshua

Age: 6 years old

School fee's per term: 322,000 shillings

School needs per term: 100,000 shillings

Personal needs per term: 120,000 shillings

Holidays up keep: 180,000 shillings

Total per term or year:

2,166,000 shillings // $ 780 CAD

This is Joshua.

He should be in grade one currently but is not able to attend school. His father lost his job and shortly afterwards the parents separated leaving him with his grandmother. Since she was unable to care for him more than giving him shelter we are looking at putting him back in school so he can have a chance at an education and a better future. 

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